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Stimulates Germination Under Harsh Conditions

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TURBOSEED is formulated with bio stimulants to encourage germination under harsh conditions and a range of nutrients essential for early establishment and vigorous plant growth. 

TURBOSEED contains organic compounds such as hunic acids, seaweeds and soil microbiology to improve the soil structure and moisture handling ability.

In addition, TURBOSEED includes nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium together with trace elements plus organic compounds provide a complete fertilizer package for the establishment of a range of gasses and plants.

TURBOSEED is a soil or in furrow applied starter fertilizer. It is designed to provide the best possible early nutrition for the plants as they develop.

TURBOSEED contains a unique humic ferment which stimulates soil biology and root development. Both humic and fulvic acids hold nutrients in the soil to increase uptake and plant availability.


The recommended dosage rate is 20L per hectare.

Application rates vary depending on crop, soil type, level of nutrient deficiency, etc. It can be mixed with pesticides.

A check for compatiility prior to tank mixing is required.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

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