Mechanical Solutions

Teksmart specialises in designing and building mechanical solutions that enable operators and contractors to ensure maximum results when working on various projects that involve the application of water and chemicals.

As a division of RST, Teksmart assists in understanding the requirements of a given project and will customise a solution to suit the needs where required utilising many years of experience.

There are a number of different solutions available such as:

  • Automated Watercart Fill System
  • Truck Mounted Dosing Pump System
  • Solar Dosing Pumps
  • 240v Dosing Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Micro Controllers
  • Injection Systems
  • Spray Heads
  • Spray Head Modifications

For more information, please contact +61 7 5522 0244 or our contact form

RST Dose Buddy_mounted on watercart.JPG   RST_Teksmart Centrehead spray system good results      Tekfill In situ