With more than 26 years of research and development in dust, earth and water solutions, RST has designed high quality, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries globally.

What RST Does

'What we do is fix problems. We are here to analyse your specific issues and provide a solution which keeps in mind all aspects of your project.' RST

RST follows a 7 Step Solution process which assists us in providing solutions in the following areas:

  • Dust Control
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Erosion Control
  • Water saving technologies
  • Sediment Control


How RST Help

RST have identified a large variety of problem areas throughout our 26 years of experience within the Mining, Civil and Rural industries in which we have worked.

Through continual research and development, so that RST can provide current and leading edge solutions to these problem areas, RST have learnt that there are large variations in types and qualities of water, soil and minerals which all have to be taken into consideration when recommending a solution.

In addition to this; individual client KPI’s, project site conditions, EPA regulations, and the health and safety of Employees and local town residents also affect the type of solution RST may recommend.

All of these factors assist us in determining the type of solution your project may require.
Mechanical Equipment
Engineering; and 
Total Managed Systems 
are part of what RST can offer to help in ensuring your project is operating at its optimum levels and with maximum productivity.

Benefits of using RST

RST ensures their solutions:

  • Are cost effective
  • Ensure the safety of workers
  • Are environmentally sustainable in nature
  • Utilise water saving technologies
  • Maximise Productivity for our clients

All RST products are supported by the company’s Technical Services Division, who not only ensure the most suitable product is selected, but it is also applied correctly.

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