RT8 Enviro-Oil

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Dust Suppressant for Long Term Dust Control



  • Long term dust control for heavily trafficked areas
  • One application required
  • Lasts 2-3 months
  • Eliminates ongoing watering programs
  • Mixed with water for ease of application
  • Regular use has a soil stabilisation effect


RT8 Enviro-Oil Dust Suppressant is a natural modified oil developed by RST with technology that allows the enviro-oil to be dispersed in water. This dispersing action allows RT8 Enviro-Oil Dust Suppressant to be added into water trucks and sprayed evenly over the treatment area.

Once the product attaches to the dust and soil particles it becomes insoluble stopping it from being washed away. RT8 Enviro-Oil Dust Suppressant is the solution when continual watering to control dust is not an option.


RT8 Enviro-Oil Dust Suppressant is applied as a 25% solution in water and applied at a rate of 1 – 2 litres of solution per m2.

Where you have a loose surface apply as a heavy dose. If you have a more compacted surface apply more lightly in two or three applications. Where stabilizing is required apply RT8 Enviro-Oil into the loose material prior to compaction.

Allow for approximately 0.5 litres of RT8 Enviro-Oil Dust Suppressant concentrate to be applied per m2 and adjust the water ratio to suit compaction requirements.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

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