Road Binder

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Heavy Duty Long Term Road Dust Suppressant


  • One treatment controls road dust for 3 to 6 months
  • After treatment no further watering is required
  • Can be applied as one concentrated application or diluted applications
  • Physically ‘binds’ the road material together
  • Does not require special application equipment
  • Improves the road running surface, reducing maintenance
  • Non-hazardous and eco-friendly           


ROAD BINDER is a unique water dispersion of vinylic resins supplied as a viscous liquid. It is diluted into water carts and sprayed onto roads, airstrips and hardstand areas where watering programs cannot be implemented to control dust emissions.

  • Physically binds particles together
  • Forms a mechanically high resistant and elastic coating.
  • Eliminates continual watering programs


ROAD BINDER can be applied at a concentrated application rate when a well-structured road surface is available and water cart availability is limited. As part of a current watering program a more diluted application is recommended to bring up the residual product levels slowly and more effectively allowing for improved road material compaction. If the material to be treated is very dry and ‘fluffy’, pre-wetting is recommended.

Concentrated Application: Prepare a 7% solution of Road Binder and apply solution at 1 litre of solution per m2. 1 to 4 applications are recommended dependant on the traffic volumes, type of vehicles and duration of dust suppression requirements.

Diluted Application: Prepare a 0.5% solution of Road Binder and apply solution at 0.5 litres of solution per m2 several times daily for 2 to 3 days. As the residual builds up in the road surface and dust levels are reduced, adjusting application frequency once the required dust control is achieved.


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