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Fertiliser Stabiliser to Stop Leach and Increase Crop Yield


  • Minimises wash away of granular fertilisers
  • Increases yields and reduces fertiliser usage
  • Can be mixed with fertiliser for single application
  • Aids fertiliser retention around root zone
  • More available fertiliser for plant uptake
  • Saves money


After many years of valuable field experience and ongoing research and development, Reynolds Soil Technologies has developed this unique product that reduces the leeching and wash away of granular fertilisers through heavy rain.

LOCKTIGHT is a blend of granular long chain polymers which:

Bond the soil particles together to stabilise the fertiliser within the soil matrix

Hold the fertilisers within the root zone.


Mix LOCKTIGHT dry with your granular fertilisers and apply in and around the drip zone of plant material to be fertilised.

Apply LOCKTIGHT at an equivalent rate of 2 - 5kg per hectare mixed with your recommended fertilisers. For lighter, more permeable soils, a higher rate of 7 - 10kg per hectare should be applied. By using LOCKTIGHT, an estimated fertiliser reduction of 20% - 30% is achievable.

The addition of LOCKTIGHT with a reduced fertiliser application rate of 20% - 30% will also maintain current crop yield with resultant significant savings on fertiliser usage.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

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