Kickstart Dynamic

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A ‘Superboost’ for RT9 Haul Road Dust Suppressant


  • A ‘SuperBoost’ to RST’s road watering products
  • Used as a pre-treatment to RT9 Haul Road Management System
  • Builds up required product residuals in the road surface - fast
  • Provides dust control by treating dusty ‘Hot Spots’
  • Fast, instant results


KICKSTART DYNAMIC is a concentrated blend of surfactants (wetting agents) used as a 'Super Boost' for RST's road watering products. Used as a pre-treatment to RT9 Dust Suppressant and Heavy Water Dynamic products, the addition of KICKSTART DYNAMIC will increase the initial reaction time of these by adding a concentrated dose of blended surfactants into the road surface material.

Accelerates the products roads compaction process

Allows the water sprayed on the road surface to penetrate easily

Breaks the surface tension created between the water sprayed on the road surface and road material

100% Environmentally Safe


KICKSTART DYNAMIC is mixed with water and sprayed over the haul road surface prior to applying RT9 Dust Suppressant or Heavy Water Dynamic.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

RST strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) consciousness into all aspects of its activities

For more information and to obtain the Material Safety Data Sheet please contact RST.