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'Oil Free' Friction Reducer for Oil and Gas Fracturing Fluid


JETSTREAM ‘Oil Free’ Friction Reducer is the latest polymer technology which is a highly efficient, highly competitive friction reducer for oil & gas fracturing fluid and contains NO enviromentally hazardous hydrocarbons, mineral oils or surfactants.

It is a multipurpose, high molecular weight, anionic friction reducer that will instantly and effectively reduce pipe friction. It is designed to reduce friction in water based fracturing and brine applications with friction pressures being reduced by a minimum of 70-80% and even further in some applications.


  • Highly effective OIL FREE anionic friction reducer
  • Works in both oil well and gas shale applications
  • A highly effective friction reducer providing increased flow rates without increasing operating pressures
  • Greatly reduces friction at small concentrations
  • Does not contain unfriendly hydrocarbons or mineral oils
  • Minimises hydraulic horsepower usage due to lower surface treating pressures
  • Contains leading edge chemical technology for inversion in seawater and fast dissolution when injected into an energy mixing zone
  • Supplied in ready to use format
  • Works in both fresh and high brine water
  • Hydrates very rapidly,even in cold water
  • Excellent salt-resistance performance


The composition of the fracturing fluid may be adjusted depending upon the particular well or formation to be fractured. For example, in fracturing certain formations it may be desirable to use a high concentration of the propping agent, while in other formations, little or no propping agent may be used.

JETSTREAM ‘Oil Free’ Friction Reducer is effective over a very wide range of dosing rates ranging from approximately 25 - 2500 ppm based on the aqueous fracturing fluid. Best results are typically achieved between 100 – 300 ppm and good results can also be achieved between 50 – 1000 ppm.

JETSTREAM ‘Oil Free’ Friction Reducer is preferably applied on site by a blender, metering product into the fracturing fluid. The polymer may also be added by simply pouring from the container into the fluid stream or very accurately by using a positive displacement pump tied to a feedback from the flowmeter on the blender.

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