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Mineral Slurry Dewatering Aid


HYDRO-GO is used in the mineral processing industry to assist filtration processes. HYDRO-GO reduces the surface tension of water. When the surface tension is lowered water will pass though the filter and the filter cake more readily.

Many mining industry products are refined in a slurry form and the final stage of processing is to separate the ore concentrate from the slurry. This is done by passing the slurry through a filter so that the water runs through the filter and a relatively dry filter cake of ore is collected off the surface of the filter.

HYDRO-GO is added to the slurry prior to filtration to reduce the moisture level of the filter cake.


  • The most effective liquid dewatering technology available
  • Easily applied to mineral slurries
  • Supplied as a liquid
  • Economical
  • Fast results
  • Environmentally safe


Normally HYDRO-GO is added to the slurry at some point prior to filtration, although in some cases it is added directly to the filter. Better results are achieved if HYDRO-GO is given between 10 seconds and a couple of minutes to mix in the slurry prior to filtration.

A small dosing pump is used to feed HYDRO-GO into the slurry line. The dose rate varies from one application to another but RST testing has shown that it is unlikely that more than 300 grams per tonne of ore is normally needed.

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