Heavy Water Dynamic

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Dust Suppressant


HEAVY WATER DYNAMIC dust suppressant has been developed by RST as an additive for water carts when sprayed onto unsealed ground increases water penetration and binds fines to greatly improve dust control.

By adding HEAVY WATER DYNAMIC into your current water cart program, site watering requirements and dust is minimised, maintenance requirements are reduced and site safety is improved.


  • Quick results achieved with minimal product ratio
  • Efficient use of water supply when combined with Heavy Water Dynamic
  • Super concentrated formulation
  • Minimises requirements for unsealed road maintenance programs
  • Freight cost savings due to minimal dosage rates
  • Environmentally safe


HEAVY WATER DYNAMIC is dosed into the water cart at a rate of 1:10,000.

RST’s dosage pumps are specially designed to not shear the polymer and inject the correct application dosage into each water cart based upon a pre-determined daily allowance.

The diluted solution is simply applied as part of the standard watering process and results are achieved quickly.


Dosed using automatic RST pumping system – Solar, 12V DC, 240V or 415V options

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

RST strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) consciousness into all aspects of its activities.

For more information and to obtain the Material Safety Data Sheet please contact RST.