Guardian - Dust Binder

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Universal Dust Suppressant

Guardian - Dust Binder


GUARDIAN - DUST BINDER is a multi-purpose micro polymer additive for water carts and spray systems – when applied on unsealed ground and stockpiles it maximises water penetration and binds all fine particles together to greatly improve dust control.

Applications include:

  • Haul roads, light vehicle roads, hard stand areas for both long and short term dust control.
  • Open source emission ground sealing including tailing dams, exposed ground, top soil stockpiles, waste dumps and land rehabilitation works.
  • Stockpile sealing through fixed spray systems or water carts at loading areas and shipping terminals.
  • Spraying into material being loaded, conveyed and transferred.
  • Downhole drilling dust suppression, drill cutting and drill pattern sealing.
  • Rail and truck wagon surface sealing.


  • Dust Compliance.
  • Significant savings in resources including water and equipment.
  • Easily stored, mixed and applied.
  • Significantly reduces dust, erosion and sediment.
  • Extremely cost effective.
  • No negative down stream effects on processing or material quality. 


GUARDIAN - DUST BINDER is diluted in water and sprayed onto unsealed ground or stockpiles. Dilution rates vary upon the application. Please contact RST for further information.

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