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Antitranspirant Plant Protector


  • Reduces plant transpiration by up to 50%
  • Guards against excessive heat, UV and frost-stress
  • Strengthens against transplant shock
  • Protects from sea spray and windburn damage
  • Won’t impede photosynthesis or normal growth


FLORAGUARD protects plants by placing a fine film over the plant, which still allows the plant to perform the necessary photosynthesis and transpiration processes. The more complete the coverage, the more complete the result.

Reduces damage caused by climatic extremes. Ideal for most trees, vines, turf, flower and vegetable crops.


Select the correct dosage rate for the specific application

Apply the diluted Floraguard solution ensuring coverage to both upper and lower surfaces of foliage and all woody parts above ground level

Apply spray until ‘run off’ occurs

Rinse applicator after use with clean water

Dilution rate is 3% to 5% in water.

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