Flockit Water Polisher

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Water Clarifier and Sediment Control


FLOCKIT WATER POLISHER is a low molecular weight, polyelectrolyte coagulant.  Principal uses are: raw water coagulation, alum replacement coagulant, wastewater clarification, and oily water clarification.

Flockit_Sediment Pond_BEFORE treatment_RST   Flockit Water Polisher_Sediment Pond_AFTER treatment_RST


  • A ready to use Liquid Coagulant
  • Eliminates the need for Alum
  • Takes away the need for pH adjustment
  • Removes colour
  • Effectively forms large, fast setting floccs.
  • Reduced sludge volume, easier to dewater than alum sludge
  • Dewatering costs savings


On a plant scale, a concentration of 1% active polymer is recommended for addition to the system.

This is readily obtained by either batch mixing with water in a stirred tank or alternatively by metering the concentrated product directly to the system and diluting in-line. In the latter case, a metering pump of the positive displacement type with adequate corrosion-resistant characteristics is recommended.

For optimum results, FLOCKIT WATER POLISHER should be added to the system at a point of sufficient turbulence to ensure good initial dispersion and adequate mixing. This point will be prior to the clarifiers or filters and, ideally, a quiescent zone should follow the turbulent flow zone at the addition point.

In situations where an adequate addition point does not exist, introducing an in-line mixer or a baffled zone etc. may induce turbulence.

The dosage requirement of FLOCKIT WATER POLISHER will be dependant on the nature of the water to be treated.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

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