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Road Compaction Aid

BCompaq_25 1015 HR in great condition with minimal dust lift off if anySWenefits

  • Water soluble and added directly into the compaction water
  • Greater compaction of material using less mechanical energy
  • Compaction is achieved to greater depths
  • Increases material density and bearing strength
  • Reduces permeability for long term structural stability
  • Specified compaction levels can be achieved using less water
  • Creates a tightly bound matrix
  • Cost effective due to low dosage rates
  • Applied for improved sub-grade, sub-base and base-course compaction


COMPAK is a uniquely balanced compaction aid formulation developed by RST to be added to the water used to compact sub-grade, sub-base and base-course material in all road construction projects to enable higher levels of compaction of the construction material at greater depths using less energy and construction time.

COMPAK, when added to compaction water both disperses and lubricates the material allowing particles to move closer and tighter together inturn reducing void space, increasing densities and strengths and therefore reducing permeability. COMPAK is an aid to mechanical compaction methods, which will assist in compaction of gravels, soils, and pavements to greater depths using less moisture in less time.


COMPAK is added to the water used to compact the material

Blended through evenly until Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) is achieved.


Dosage Rate: 0.2 litres – 0.4 litres of COMPAK concentrate per m3 of material. The higher dosage is used when the material to be compacted is high in fines.

Health, Safety, Environment and the Community (HSEC)

RST strives, through a process of continuous improvement, to fully integrate health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) consciousness into all aspects of its activities.

For more information and to obtain the Safety Data Sheet please contact RST.