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Softens Hard Packed Clay Soils


  • Breaks down clay
  • Easily applied in liquid form
  • Reduces water resistance of soils with high clay content
  • Makes heavy clay soils usable


CLAYBREAKER changes hard, compacted soil and clay into open, workable soil. It increases water penetration and aeration by improving the soil structure and aids in drainage of wet soils.

CLAYBREAKER's unique formulation contains modified natural polymers and with added surface active chemistry breaks down the clay particles permanently. It is not a wetting agent or fertiliser but is just as easy to apply. Traditional wetting agents have little effect on clay soils.

CLAYBREAKER displays ongoing activity and can be reapplied every 6 to 8 months for ongoing effectiveness.


CLAYBREAKER should be diluted in water then applied using any watering and spraying equipment. On the following day, lightly water dry ground to improve the effect, but do not over water and generate runoff.

Please refer to Product Technical Sheet for dosage rates.

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