Better Wetter

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Super Soil Wetter, Rewetter and Chemical Spreader


BETTER WETTER is a ‘Super Wetter’ which helps to overcome the effects of water repelling soils allowing water to penetrate fast into the soil structure. By breaking down the natural surface tension between water and soil, Better Wetter promotes and regains the natural free flowing action of water required within the soil structure to promote healthy vegetation growth.


  • Allows water to penetrate the ground - fast
  • Reduced water usage and evaporation
  • Creates a better soil structure
  • Reduces soil ‘hard pan’
  • Produces healthier plants, lawn and trees
  • Improved chemical spreading


Better Wetter is added to water that is being used to water and irrigate plants, turf, lawn and crops. Better Wetter can be applied in conjunction with other chemical to improve their effectiveness and application process.

Please contact RST for dosage rates.

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