Business Home Business Gold Coast partnership has wheeled out a dust buster for the mining industry

Gold-Coast-partnership-has-wheeled-out-a-coal-train-dust-buster-for-the-mining-industry- -Latest-Business--Australian-Stock-market-News-The-Courier-Mail13

Publication: The Courier Mail - April 2013

A NEW dust monitor for mines could be the precursor to automated monitoring of coal trains.

The monitor has been designed by two Gold Coast companies with the help of three university students.

In an industry first, award-winning engineering...

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Australian dust solution company leads the way in total dust management worldwide


Publication: NSW Mining and Energy Bi-Annual 1.1. 2013 Date: Jan 2013

Australian mining resource company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is gaining international recognition as market leader in ‘total dust management’, with its innovative and cost effective dust suppressant...

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Avenger New Agent


Publication: HighGrade – Online publication Date: Thursday February 28, 2013

An Australian dust and soil management technology specialist says it has come up with a new high-performance additive for mine water-cart application that greatly suppresses fugitive dust and helps preserve road...

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