Specialists in Dust Control, Erosion Control and Sediment Control

Specialists in Dust Control, Erosion Control and Sediment Control

 Specialists in Dust Control, Erosion Control and Sediment Control

Solving erosion challenges is a complex matter as there are many impacting factors, from wind and rain through to material type and site design; controlling the elements requires an integrated solution, says leading fine particle management specialists RST.

The Queensland based company is an authority on erosion, dust and sediment control and is highly sought after for the recovery and prevention of erosion that undermines major infrastructure including haul roads, stockpiles and embankments.

RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel said solving erosion issues over the past thirty years had been challenging, but achieving positive outcomes for clients through dedicated research and development had been a rewarding experience for all RST team members.

"Significant research is required on an ongoing basis, as every project has its own range of parameters and so many aspects come into play," he said.

"A great deal of research is conducted into the material types being used and whether there are contaminates, high or low volumes of water, wind patterns, as well as other factors like the shapes and angles of infrastructure and stockpiles."

RST specialises in fine particle management manufacturing and supplying leading edge solutions that fix dust and sediment issues when they occur, but the company's technologies go so much further.

Mr Handel said it was crucial to put preventative methods in place to slow and ultimately stop erosion, which would save on maintenance costs and reduce the potential for hazards that would interrupt work flow.

Three decades of 'trial and error' in the field of fine particle management has resulted in RST's range of patented formulas, which hold back the natural occurrence of wind and water erosion damage.

The unique scientifically proven formulas can be modified to suit the variety of materials specific to each site as well as the various conditions caused by the weather.

"When we deliver a solution to an erosion issue that has already occurred, we repair the damage with a large focus on future prevention," Mr Handel added.

"Our purpose is to assist in repairing and ultimately building high-quality roads that require less ongoing maintenance.

"Fine Particle Management is the controlling of all challenges related to the fine particles within each material that a civil contractor or mining company may be dealing with and this specifically relates back to the interaction between the fine material particles and water.

"When these fine particles are dry, they become dust and when wet they become sediment and both events occur through the natural intervention of wind and rain.

"To stop the dust or the sediment from eroding, we set about researching and developing technology to control the wind or water erosion occurring in the first place."

RST's continued research and development philosophy is an integral part of the company's service delivery to its clients, with specialists visiting sites regularly to gain an understanding of clients' unique fine particle issues.

Decades of trials and tests have resulted in RST's range of highly-effective erosion control products that target specific erosion issues, customisable to adapt to changing factors such as weather patterns, temperatures and the variety of earthen materials involved.

RST's range of products are formulated using the latest technologies in organic and inorganic polymers, with scientific data collected through Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling which calculates how much dust or sediment is being blown or washed away.

Among RST's suite of Erosion Control solutions are formulas to bind and strengthen road surfaces, crusting agents that coat fine particles to prevent them from being blown or washed away, sediment control and wetting agents to achieve maximum material compaction using less water.

Three decades of extensive research and development of formulas and customised mechanical equipment for a broad range of site issues has equipped RST with the expertise and knowledge to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for fine particle management and improved materials handling.

RST is an Australian business operating internationally in the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Africa, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

For more information please contact Reynolds Soil Technologies on (07) 5522 0244 or visit www.rstsolutions.com.au