New Binder Guards Against Dust

New Binder Guards Against Dust

New Binder Guards Against Dust


REYNOLDS Soil Technologies has developed a formula to control dust, erosion and sediment on unpaved roads leading to stockpiles, tailing dams, waste dumps and land rehabilitation works on mine sites.

The Guardian Dust Binder technology is applied to the water in miner's water carts and spray systems for dust suppression, road and soil stabilisation, water and sediment solutions and erosion control.

The all purpose formula was developed using the latest organic and inorganic polymer technologies.

It contains crusting agents that coat the road with fine particles, binders to control dust and sediment and wetting agents to properly compact the material.

RST claims using the Guardian Dust Binder will slash water consumption and extend time between repeat water applications.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said RST had been able to develop dust suppressants that were super concentrated and highly effective through its continual improvement programs and strategic alliances.

"Guardian gives site managers working in the field the ability to adapt their dust control methods as conditions change over time," he said.

"Once Guardian is applied, operators can monitor the site and adjust the dosage to find the ideal solution moving forward."