RST Paves the Way for Progress in Developing Countries with Affordable Solutions for Building All-Weather Roads (Austmine)

RST Paves the Way for Progress in Developing Countries with Affordable Solutions for Building All-Weather Roads

 RST Paves the Way for Progress in Developing Countries with Affordable Solutions for Building All-Weather Roads (Austmine)

Australian company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is assisting developing countries with affordable solutions for building all-weather roads that keep rural communities connected to transport networks all times of the year. 

Civil construction companies and local governments in low and middle-income countries are utilising RST’s expertise to build cost-effective roads that remain intact and trafficable in all weather conditions. 

Road building and rehabilitation projects involving RST are having a significant impact on many communities, including villages in Chile, Mongolia, Lithuania and throughout Asia, where all-weather roads are making tangible improvements through improved access to essential goods and services, lower transport costs, and increased employment opportunities. 

Three decades of research and development into road and soil stabilisation in many parts of the world has placed RST on the front line, assisting civil construction companies to meet the expectations of their local governments by solving unique site-specific issues within budget.

RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel says his team has been invited to all corners of the globe to improve road conditions where unpaved roads and tracks are the only access to essential facilities for residents of remote villages.

“More governments are recognising that well-built, maintained roads are the key to social and economic development, however a lack of funds for infrastructure means roads in rural areas are generally in poor condition and get washed out in the rainy season, “ he said.

“We are assisting civil construction companies and local governments with affordable methods of building unpaved roads that can withstand all weather conditions.”

RST’s soil stabilisers, compaction aids and dust control additives are applied during the sub grade preparation to improve road building materials for faster compaction using less water.

The applications are tailored by RST for each site’s specific conditions, including road material and climate, to greatly improve a road’s strength and density.

“There are millions of people worldwide still lacking access to all-weather roads, which causes isolation and poverty,” Mr Handel added.

“It gives all of us at RST great satisfaction to be improving the lives of people in remote and rural areas by assisting in the construction of roads that provide year-round access to essential facilities and markets.”

Lithuanian civil construction company KTD Group uses RST’s road stabilising products and recently constructed a 4km all-weather gravel road in the agricultural region of Pagegiai municipality, preparing the road base with a binding agent, a dust control additive and a primer.

KTD Group’s company mission to build “good roads for Lithuania” is supported by RST’s road and soil stabilisation products, which have contributed to the Group saving around 70% on working time and 50% on materials.

“RST’s binding agent reduces the cost of road installation, increases road holding capacity and reduces dust,” a KDT Group spokesperson said.

RST’s suite of products is being used to seal, widen and improve roads to ensure critical transport arteries are safe for all users and accessible all year round.

These unique scientifically-proven solutions can be modified to suit the variety of materials specific to each site, as well as the various conditions caused by the weather.

RST’s suite of solutions for civil constructions are formulated using the latest technologies in organic and inorganic polymers, with scientific data collected over the past three decades to solve unique problems faced by site managers.

RST is an Australian business operating internationally in the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Africa, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Mongolia, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.

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