Getting Projects on Solid Ground

Getting Projects on Solid Ground

 Getting Projects on Solid Ground


A COMPACTION aid for bulk earthworks is expected to speed up project time lines and completion dates.

Compac, from Reynolds Soil Technologies meets the industry calls for faster, environmentally-safe and cost-effective bulk compaction methods for earthworks material.

It was developed to be used with RST's other products to further assist with earthworks compaction and stabilisation issues.

Compac disperses through the bulk material being compacted to lubricate the particles so they move closer and tighter together in a shorter time frame, with less moisture. This increases stability by letting soils and gravels to attain a much higher density. This builds strength in usually substandard natural surface-building materials.

According to RST operations and technical director David Handel, Compac is an affordable way for mine site project operators, civil contractors and civil engineers to improve compaction methods on-site, which can speed up project time lines and completion dates.

Compac uses less energy, water and construction time and allows for higher levels of compaction.

Handel said when diluted into water at ultra-low dosage rates of 200ml per cubic metre  of material, Compac was safe for the environment, and it accelerated the rate at which the material lost its porosity due to the effects of loading

"When the material is ripped or laid out it contains an open framework of particles with the pore or void space usually filled with air and water," he said

"Compac reduces void spaces between the individual soil particle primarily through a lubricating and dispersive action which results in a more efficient packing of the particles, deepening the effect of the mechanical compaction."