RST Launches New Dust Binder and Road Stabilising Agent (Published in Inside Waste)

RST Launches New Dust Binder and Road Stabilising Agent

 RST Launches New Dust Binder and Road Stabilising Agent (Published in Inside Waste)

Dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has developed and launched DBS10, a natural polymer that provides long lasting dust suppression and road stabilisation.

The DBS10 is a concentrated liquid that is easily applied neat or diluted in water to roads, hard stand areas, car parks and walking tracks, increasing pavement quality and dust suppression and reducing watering and road maintenance requirements.

Once applied to road material, the DBS10 creates an immediate adhesive reaction that becomes stronger and more resilient over time, resulting in a durable yet flexible surface material that is capable of sustaining considerably heavier loads with limited physical breakdown.

DBS10 can be used for a range of purposes, with adjustable application procedures that produce results tailored to a site's specific needs.

For long term trafficked dust suppression results, the product can be applied topically, while for increased pavement strength and durability the product can be ripped into the road material and compacted.

The application rate, dosage and dilution of DBS10 can also be adjusted to further customise the results of any particular application.

Created with safety and environmental factors in mind the DBS10 is non-corrosive, non-flammable and petroleum free - making it safe to apply to a variety of site environments.

"We developed DBS10 as a simple solution that minimises the cost spent on these activities while providing superior benefits in terms of long-term dust control and road stabilisation," RST operations and technical director David Handel said.

"DBS10 was developed over a few years to ensure the product has proven performance expectations in a variety of environments - the result is a consistent, cost effective and easy to use product with lasting positive effects.

"We understand the individual nature of a site's operational and environmental challenges, that's why we put time into creating versatile products like DBS10 that can be tailored to a site's unique needs using varied dosages and application methods."