Dust suppression gets a boost

Dust suppression gets a boost

 Dust Suppression Gets A Boost

Australian firm Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has launched a new dust suppression product, Hydroboost, and has its sights set on the mining and civil construction sectors.

Hydroboost was developed to optimise dust suppression at dig faces and excavation sites.

When Hydroboost is added to water it changes the chemistry, increasing its dust suppression efficiency in bulk material excavation situations where there are airborne dust particles, RST explained. When applied, the Hydroboost solution knocks down airborne dust more effectively to reach dust extinction moisture levels faster, optimising dust suppression operations by improving water efficiency and environmental compliance.

According to RST, independent testing has proven that Hydroboost reduces water loss through spray drift and fallout by about 30% improving targeted water throw and resulting in less water wastage.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the Hydroboost solution was the latest chemical innovation developed through RST's ongoing research and development programs.

"Hydroboost has been created with operational optimisation as a priority, delivering fast and effective dust control at dig faces and excavation sites using a minimal amount of product, maximising equipment efficiency and saving time, water and money," Handel said.

"The RST team goes into the field internationally and works side by side with clients to optimise the efficiency of their operations.  As part of this we are constantly identifying issues and developing solutions for specific problems, which is how we came to develop Hydroboost.  We saw the need for an efficient, cost-effective solution for airborne dust at dig faces and excavation sites and our research and development team got to work creating it."