Damliner fills gap in the market

2013 September 28 - Gold Coast Bulletin (Website)

September 2013 – Gold Coast Bulletin

Damliner fills gap in the market

Leading Australian dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is expanding into Australia’s water management market with a super-absorbent technology that provides a sealing and soil-stabilisation solution for leaking dams.

Damliner, designed with Proof Engineers, is a high absorption cross-linking polymer crystal granulate, capable of instantly sealing leakages ain earthen dams and other porous ground materials.

If has been designed to activate on immediate contact with water and I will move towards any channels or voids in the dam’s base. RST’s operations and technical director David Handel said Damliner was engineered to prevent water loss from earthen dams caused by poor construction, erosion, damaged material or environmental occurrences.

“In addiction, the technology allows for the product to reform if its membrane has been disturbed, to ensure ongoing durability,” he said.

“Damliner is cost-effective and fast-acting and can be tailored for application to numerous water-storage problems.”

“Damliner automatically targes the fail point, as the hydrostatic pressure will carry the product directly to any fracture or void along the dam’s floor or walls.

“Once the product reaches the failure point, it has been engineered to bind with elements in the soil profile, causing the crystal to physically expand and permanently plug spaces and cracks.”

Damliner is eco-friendly and non-hazardous