Absorbent range to open markets

Publication: Gold Coast Bulletin Date: May 2013

DUST management and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies and Proof Engineers has launched a suite of super-absorbent products that will see it tap new markets. The two companies have designed the Geopolymer range for applications in the mining, oil and gas, and civil engineering sectors.

RST specialises in dust suppressant technology and the products use superabsorbent crystal solutions as high-performing binding and solidifying agents. RST's operations and technical director David Handel said the cross-linking polymers were highly absorbent and enabled the company to offer a greater range of products to a wider market

Proof Engineers director Sebastian Karsas said his company engineered each product to maximise results and offer cost-effective alternatives for areas encasing large amounts of water, sites prone to high water wastage or where production was significantly affected by water-based materials.

"The geopolymers provide afast-acting solution to solve material-handling challenges in areas where water, sludge or slurries are prevalent," he said.

"The polymers have been designed to retain large amounts· of liquid relative to their mass, and we have created formulas tailored to different sites and purposes.

"For example, one of our new Geopolymer products, Damliner, has been specifically designed for sealing dams or containing large bodies of water on sites, for oil and gas, civil and farming operations. "It is a cost-effective, fast acting ground-sealing solution, which creates an impermeable barrier capable of holding tonnes of water, sludge or slurries and minimises the usage of HDPE liners onsite."