Measuring efficiency with a mobile system

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2013 December – The Mining Chronicle

Measuring Efficiency with a mobile system

With the increasing need to accurately measure dust control efficiency on minesites without the common interference of human subjectivity a new dust system is currently being used to monitor dust levels on major minesites across Australia and overseas.

The system automatically calculates dust levels, generate quantitative data regarding optimum watering times and highlights areas onsite that require attention.

With most minesites required to consistently achieve an industry level of 80 per cent dust control efficiency, Proof Engineers Engineering Director Sebastian Karsas said the monitoring system provided a cost-effective solutions to accurately monitor dust levels, demonstrating regular compliance.

“Measuring dust levels generally requires a vast amount of human interpretation therefore limiting complete accuracy when obtaining results,” Mr Karsas said.

“This is why we have spent years researching, designing and developing this mobile monitoring system for easy application on minesites.

“Our dust monitoring system has been designed to effectively remove human subjectivity by automatically calculating relative data that will help quantify the effectiveness of controlling dust.

“When in use, the dust passes through the monitor and as a result of 3G web and GPS integration, quantitative data regarding current levels is accessed via Internet databases. Using this data, a real-time graphic representation of  the dust levels is attained and dust control strategies  can then be implemented where necessary.”

Mr Karsas said the dust monitor was not only efficient, but could be easily transported and handled by one person.

Additionally, the device is completely weather proof as well as full self-powered.

Utilising the new dust monitor for product validation, Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) Operations and Technical Director, David Handel said the development of the new system allowed for validated and automatic testing of its dust control on minesites.