Queensland dust solution expert leading the way with cutting-edge technology

Publication: The Australian Mining Review – Advertising & editorial Date: September 2012

AUSTRALIAN mining resources company and leading provider of cutting-edge dust control solutions Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) recently launched its latest product designed for use by the international mining industry. The Queensland-based company launched Avenger - an innovative, high-performance dust suppressant technology specifically designed for mine site haul roads.

Custom-designed to assist with the challenges and safety issues faced by some mine sites, Avenger was developed as an additive for water carts, to greatly suppress fugitive dust and prevent road surface damage.

RST's operations and technical director David Handel said the environmentally­ friendly haul road dust suppressant was specifically developed for sites that required a solution for haul road dust management, but could not implement RST's fully-serviced Haul Road Management System (HRMS). ''Most mine sites require and benefit from our HRMS program, which includes RST’s onsite technical support, ongoing training, improvements to equipment and formal reporting to mine site management," he said. "However there are some cases where onsite management is impractical or unsafe, which is why we have developed the Avenger. "Avenger will set the benchmark for haul road dust suppressants, being an ultra concentrated blend of polymer and surfactants, which are dosed into water carts using RST's automatic pumping system.

"It incorporates the latest leading edge nano-technology, making it highly competitive against other haul road dust suppressants, ensuring mine site watering requirements, maintenance requirements and dust is reduced, while the road condition, structure and safety are significantly improved."