Dust suppression and stabilisation for Indonesian haul roads

Publication: Coal Guru Date: Friday 16 November, 2012

Australian dust management and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies has teamed with Proof Engineers to secure a construction contract for a coal haul and access road in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The road will be constructed by Proof Engineers. RST's road stabilisers, surface maintenance and dust remediation products RI-B, RI9 and RI3 will be used.

RST's technical director, Mr David Handel, explained that is a powdered speciality blend which acts as an effective road stabiliser and RI9 is a dust control agent, designed for use in the site's standard haul road watering program to greatly improve water penetration, agglomerate fine particles and consolidate haul road surfaces.

In addition RI3 has been designed to cater for Indonesian clay soil types and when applied over open soil material it enables soil fines and gravel to attain a higher density and strength.

He added that "This application allows the treated material to be compacted with less water, while improving material density by reducing the void spaces between the soil particles, simultaneously limiting the water's ability to permeate through the treated material."