Preferred dust, earth and water solution providers to the industry

Publication: The Mining Chronicle Date: August 2011

Mining services provider Reynolds Soil Technologies' proven research and continued growth has lead to their coveted reputation as the preferred dust, earth and water solution providers to major mining houses across Australia and overseas.

Specialising in soil stabilisation, erosion, water and agricultural solutions and with more than 20 years' experience in total dust management, RST provide the most cost-effective, technologically-advanced dust management solutions available, with proven results.

The Australian-owned company's continual research and development has lead to a recent upgrade of products and an extension of its range of services to now include innovative mechanical dust management technologies through the complete materials supply chain.

Technical and development director David Handel said the company had stepped up its product range and market share in the past 12 months and is now value adding to the product using cutting edge mechanical systems.  "We are continually improving our product range and growing our services and the move into mechancial markets has taken a huge lift with our new 'Teksmart' division," said Mr Handel.

"Using new and innovative turnkey technology, our road stabilisation validation systems now feature new mechanical devices and improved engineering for on-site analysis."

With a guaranteed product turn-around in 48 hours, proven systems in dust suppression and management and a dedicated team of personnel, RST is one of the most economical and reliable providers on the market.

Information: Telephone - (07) 5522-0244.