1993 RST is incorporated as Reynolds Soil Technologies Pty Ltd and begins supplying RT12 Soil Stabiliser to local Councils for the purpose of treating unsealed roads, with its office based in Sydney, Australia.

1994 RST expands its range of products and includes RT9 Water Extender (a product developed by Technical Director, David Handel, to control dust, improve soil quality and manage water resources for the Mining Industry) – the most successful of RST’s products to date.

1996 RST wins contracts with major mining conglomerates and begins its operations out of Welshpool, Western Australia to meet supply of products to Mines in Western Australia.

1998 The product RT9 Water Extender is expanded and supplied as part of an internally developed program, the 'Haul Road Management System', whereby RST now supplies a product to resolve dust and water problems together with onsite technical support, improvements to spray nozzles and formal reporting to Mine Site Management to ensure the success of the product and achievement of agreed KPI and cost savings. 

2000 RST begins export operations of its range of soil stabilisation and dust control products to Pacific Rim Countries.

2002 RST relocated its Head Office to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia to support the growing demand for supply of its products and services into major mines in Northern and other Regional areas of Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, and exporting products, all from this office. RST also begins exploring other opportunities within the Dust Control, Soil Stabilisation and Water Saving areas of operation and further expands its range to include products which can be applied throughout the various operational areas of Mines, Civil and Construction Sites, and within the Agricultural Industry.

2004 RST wins a contract and begins supplying the product RT9 Water Extender and the Haul Road Management System to the largest open cut Coal Mine in the world, situated in Colombia, South America. Furthermore, the demand for RT15 Soil Stabiliser to be supplied to Palm Oil Plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia is growing and RST develops a relationship with an agent based in Malaysia to support this growth.
RT20 Soil Stabiliser is also exported to China for stabilisation of rural and "farm to market" roads. 
RST now opens its own international offices and operations in Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

2005 RST is a finalist in the Premier of Queensland Export Awards, Gold Coast Region, Mining Award.

2006 RST wins the Premier of Queensland Export Awards, Gold Coast Region, Mining Award.

2007 RST officially appoints a Manager responsible for operations in both South America and North America and opens another international office located in Barranquilla, Colombia to support the growing business opportunities throughout the Americas. Furthermore, RST wins two awards this year, the Premier of Queensland Export Awards, Gold Coast & Beenleigh Region, Minerals and Energy Award, and the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Small to Medium Manufacturing, June 2007.

2008 RST is successful again in winning the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Small to Medium Manufacturing, June 2008.

2009 RST wins Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in October. RST developed new alliances and now have agents in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.  

2010 RST develops new alliances and now has an agent in Vietnam. Appointed Proof Engineers to test and monitor RST product application results, as well as advise and design new technology and systems. Launch revolutionary product RT5 Superskin. Teksmart is appointed to design and implement new mechanical systems.