About RST

Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is a market leading global environmental specialist company which develops dust suppression, stabilisation & erosion control and water & sediment solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries.


RST is committed to minimising the carbon footprint of its clients by developing and implementing technology that lowers the dosage requirements across the entire range of RST solutions, while also providing fast and effective results.

With around three decades of experience, RST is a market-leader in providing ground-breaking, technologically-advanced products with scientifically proven results. RST is internationally recognised as a leading specialist in the development of solutions for the fields of:

  • Dust Control - dust suppression products and equipment, dust modelling and dust monitoring
  • Road & Soil Stabilisation - increased strengths, reduced permeability and reduced material cost
  • Water Management & Sediment Treatments - prevention of sediment movement into water flows and clarify turbid ‘dirty’ water
  • Erosion Control - soil erosion, weathering erosion and erosion deposition
  • Agriculture & Speciality - farming, gardens, vineyards, sporting arenas, water runoff and mechanical

RST’s range of services include:

  • Complete solutions for fine particle and moisture control
  • Developing industry leading and tailor made products, equipment and systems
  • Increasing productivity, safety and reducing expenses for clients
  • Implementing and managing programs to suit project requirements
  • Monitoring results through independent testing and evaluation by engineers

RST has developed a ‘Generation 2’ suite of products which utilise the latest in nano polymer technology, delivering close to 90 per cent lower dosage requirements, resulting in ultra-low application concentrations and greater results which include:

  • Avenger Coal and Avenger Hard Rock – dust suppressants for haul road in the mining sector
  • Heavy Water Dynamic - dust suppressant for quarry, civil and construction haul roads
  • Titan - liquid polymer road stabiliser for the civil and mining sector
  • RT4 and RT5 Superskin - crusting agents for rail wagon veneering, stockpile and exposed ground applications
  • Liquid Damseal -  sealing for dam walls and floors
  • Sedibind - sediment and erosion control
  • Flockit Liquid Concentrate - water sediment treatment
  • Drill Boss - drilling fluid additive

While specialising in the mining industry, RST also services a broader range of industries including civil earthworks, quarries, railways, transport, plantation, forestry and agriculture.

RST’s vast experience in problem solving also enables the company to offer clients tailor-made solutions for their unique problems and projects.